Photos of the Day: Camel SUV



One of the items on my bucket list was to camp out & ride a camel thru the desert…and I am so freaking excited to have accomplished that! Who needs a SUV when you’ve got a sweet ride like that? After a magnificent camping experience (which I write about here — it includes a recap of how the night turned into the Morcoccan Blair Witch Project with alleged cow-sized scorpions…seriously), we wake up and hike the sand dunes as the sun is rising. Then, come back for breakfast and ride our camels from our camp site to the edge of the desert (about 45 minutes or so). The camel I rode is actually known as a Dromedary (because it has only 1 hump). What a great experience!!! I highly recommend you try it. The camels were very gentle and the ride was pretty smooth. I felt like a little kid at Disney World…all smiles and “more, more, more!” Honestly, this is one of my all-time favorite travel experiences. Kinda like my travel world is complete…until I find something else that I absolutely must do. Happy travels, y’all!

Me & my sweet ride thru the Sahara dunes

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