Writer’s Block Ramblings

writers blockLike a bear coming out of hibernation, here I am blogging again after a 2 month absence.  Why the “web silence”?  Why am I making up words?  It’s all because of the writer’s block.  I just can’t get inspired to write anything witty about my travel & running experiences lately.  After reading an article about just writing down anything to get the juices flowing…here I am.  So, here we go (and don’t blame me if this is complete nonsense).

sam jackson

1.  I cut all my hair off and went natural last August (which caused me to look like Idris Elba…and not the fine Idris either).  Fast forward 11 months and now I look like Frederick Douglass.  Sigh.  I can’t manage a hairstyle that I like yet.  And, to make matters worse, I’ve developed some sort of nervous habit where I’ve been the past 8 months pulling out my hair because of stress.  It’s looking like the end of days around here.  I look a hot mess.

2.  I decided in January…back when doing resolutions was in style…that I would run 12 races in 12 months.  What was I thinking?  I blame all the holiday candy.  So far, I’ve completed 7 races but you know what?  I’m tired and I want to lay on the couch, eat Reese Cups and watch True Blood.  But, I guess I’ll run 5 more races.  I may be addicted to chocolate covered crack but I’m not a quitter.  Now, next year, I’m making one resolution…

18889-New-Year-funny-resolution-2014-wallpaper (1)

3.  I’m addicted to Instagram…why did I not realize that with a couple of filters, my work could be featured at the Louvre?  Ha!  No lie…I will stop on a dime and take a picture of a nickel on the ground if I think I can make it edgy in black and white with a mist background on Instagram.

4.  Hashtag livin’ — um, I understand that people like to use hashtags in social media.  But, I feel like there should be a length limit on those tags because I don’t have time to dissect #ican’tbelieveshesaidthatontherhoa…what?  Shouldn’t you have just typed that out?  Why are you hashtagging a complete sentence? #ain’tnobodygottimeforthat


5.  I gave up sugar 2 months ago and right now, I feel like I will stab someone in the throat for a red velvet cupcake.  And, some ice cream…with Reese Cups sprinkled on top.  Might as well throw in some Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Starbucks too.  While at the grocery store this weekend, I passed by the cookie dough on my way to get cheese.  All I could think of were warm, gooey, delicious cookies…but I knew I’d feel so guilty that it would be like I relapsed.

6.  Held hostage — Mother Nature is a filthy whore who holds hapless women hostage once a month.  It’s not fair and I don’t think women should be held accountable for anything that happens during that time.  I mean, you are basically a hostage negotiator when dealing with women during that time of the month.  Sigh…this perfectly describes last week:


7.  And just because I’m in that kind of mood…

Michael Scott

Look at that…I’m cured!! #notreallyIjustdon’tknowwhatelsetosay.  Any recommendations for overcoming writers block?

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block Ramblings

  1. Shannon says:

    You made me laugh and that is something! I vote for a writer’s retreat. I’m struggling with the same issue and have been thinking of booking a weekend somewhere with the sole purpose of writing.

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