Photo of the Day: Pretty Positano

Legend states that the Greek god Poseidon created Positano for Pasitea (a nymph he lusted after).  I have yet to visit a city/town/village in Italy that I haven’t fallen in love with (well…Naples let’s not dwell on that).  During our drive along the Amalfi Coast, we stopped in Positano for lunch and were treated to this amazing view!  Clearly Poseidon knew how to woo the ladies because!  So, um…Call me, Poseidon!  I’m looking to move 😉


Sensational Sorrento

Beautiful, bellissima Sorrento.  What an absolutely breathtaking place!  We stopped at a furniture factory on the drive to Sorrento where they made custom-made tables, chairs, music boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.  The work was beautiful!  Here is a picture of my brother standing on top of one of the tables.  The owner told him to stand on it to prove its durability.

There was also this cute little dog who would not let me take his picture.  Every time he saw me coming, he was like, “nope” and ran off.  Finally, I was able to catch him and zoom in.

The views in Sorrento were spectacular!



Love, love, love Sorrento!  It’s a beautiful & laid-back city.  I love the quaintness & small town feel.  This region is known for Limoncello (a very strong lemon-flavored liquor).  Sorrento is where the legend of the “3 Sirens” originated.  The Seirenes (or Sirens) were three sea nymphs who lured sailors to their death with a bewitching song.  The sound of their singing would drive them mad (kinda like the first few weeks of American Idol) and they would crash their ships into the mountains.  However, Odysseus was hip to their game and put wax in his ears so he was able to sail thru with no problems.  The legend goes on to state that the sirens were so upset about Odysseus out-smarting them that they tossed themselves into the sea and formed the 3 small islands pictured below.

Sorrento is a great anchor city to stay while you visit the Amalfi coast.  The island of Capri and other beautiful towns (Positano, Ravello, etc) are nearby.