Photos of the Day: Pompeii Uncovered


Who knew Pompeii would be so freaking awesome?!?!?  Certainly not my high school History teacher because he never told me the E True Hollywood Story of what this city was actually like!  This place is stunning…and their civilization was actually very advanced (who knew they had cafes???)!  What impressed me most was how well-preserved the city is and the interesting “fun facts” about life back then (which isn’t too different from life now).




Street signs in Pompeii


They also had a lot of “extracurricular activities” going on.  Here’s an excerpt from my original post on Pompeii:

3.            Pompeii was full of freaks.  Apparently, Pompeii was where the party was at.  They had 80 bars and 25 brothels.  With the open sewer.  I am not able to get past the open sewer so let’s just address that now.  It’s gonna come up…often.  Anyway, the freaks did come out at night and they were doing things that Rick James couldn’t even dream of.  Modern Pompeii is full of people selling erotic calendars, statues, playing cards, etc (see below).  Now, I originally thought these sexual position scenes may have been their version of “art” back then.  But, the guide pointed out that they posted these scenes in the bedrooms of the whorehouses as a “menu of services” (just like McDonald’s).  You know I was looking to see what the “goings on” were (purely for research purposes only).  You ain’t ready for that.  A menu of sexual services.  Seriously.  After getting your drank on at one of the 80 bars then crossing and falling into the open sewer, you go over to Octavia’s and ask for a #3.  Love it.

You know you want to read the other 4 fun facts about Pompeii 🙂  Planning a trip to Italy?  I highly recommend you hike Mount Vesuvius then visit the spectacular remains of this interesting city.  Then reward yourself with cruising down the Amalfi Coast!

10 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Pompeii Uncovered

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    Wow, that gives a whole new meaning to the “golden arches.” Did you happen to notice if Octavia’s had a sign saying “1 million served”? Amazing photos, Nikki. Pompeii is a place that has fascinated me since I was a kid. Thanks for sharing the experience 🙂

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